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The Best Transmission Diagnosis Service For You In Georgia

A transmission, a crucial mechanical component, transfers power from the engine to the drivetrain. Your transmission experiences greater wear as a result than most other car parts. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a professional transmission diagnostic performed regularly and as soon as there are any problems. Modern complicated transmissions require professional transmission diagnostics with the right equipment and expertise. Sam Smith Performance Center has the knowledge and tools to identify your transmission issue correctly. We are Georgia’s reputable and most dependable full-service transmission servicing center.

Let Us Take Care Of Your Vehicle

Hundreds of intricately connected elements constantly moving, rubbing, heating up, and reacting with other internal and exterior pieces make up the transmission in your car. It is only normal that your transmission components would undergo more significant wear and tear than other, simpler systems in your car since the transmission has so many parts, and each of those parts is constantly exposed to friction and heat. The Sam Smith Performance Center takes good care in diagnosing your transmission.

Your check engine light is on

You have a faulty transmission and need to make an appointment at your nearby dealership if your gearbox is having trouble shifting into other gears or outright refuses. Shifting happens slowly. Delayed shifts are a typical and obvious indicator of a faulty gearbox. You can rely on Sam Smith Performance Center to offer the best service for you.

Low or Contaminated Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid is required in manual transmission cars to keep the gears greased and stop grinding. Transmission fluid is required for automatic transmission cars to provide the hydraulic pressure that propels movement within the transmission. Insufficient clean and debris-free transmission fluid can cause gearboxes to overheat, critical gears to slide, surge, or grind down, and – particularly in the case of automatic transmissions – complete vehicle failure.

Broken Needle Roller Bearings

Small, lightweight roller bearings called needle bearings work to keep the torque converter gears of an automated transmission from grinding. While the automobile moves, you can hear grinding or brushing noises from the transmission if the needle bearings get worn or slow.

Vehicle doesn’t move when gear shift is placed into ‘drive’ or ‘reverse’

Sometimes signs of transmission failure pop up in very subtle and bizarre ways. One of them has to do with gears. Some drivers assume that this means there is a technical glitch but in reality, it is a major sign of transition failure.
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It would help if you didn’t wait until there is a serious issue to have your transmission fluids replaced and your other transmission systems evaluated because the system comprises many delicate pieces. If you are experiencing a transmission issue or are concerned about maintenance, a Sam Smith Performance Center automotive service technician is pleased to help.

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