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Exhaust Repair

Exhaust Repair

If you are a vehicle owner, you understand the inconvenience that car troubles bring. You need to find an adequate car mechanic who will accurately diagnose and repair your car’s issue, pay for the necessary services, get a long, drawn-out insurance claim on the service, and determine alternate means of transportation until your car is fixed up.
Don’t lose heart. Samsmith Performance Car Care Center offers effective and efficient exhaust repair services for vehicle owners at a fair and affordable price. A properly maintained exhaust system does a lot more than reduce engine noise. It also decreases the emissions from your vehicle and enhances fuel efficiency.
If your vehicle’s exhaust needs repair, replacement or inspection service, contact us at (404) 220-8335 right away and book an appointment.

Masterful Exhaust System Repair and Diagnostics

Samsmith Performance Car Care Center delivers repair services of the highest quality for the exhaust system of your automobile. Our technicians can expertly diagnose any exhaust and muffler issues you might be facing and repair it completely to have it back on the road running smoothly in the least amount of time possible.
So there are a variety of reasons why your exhaust system needs to be in tip-top shape to have your vehicle running efficiently and in a safe and eco-friendly manner. Our mechanics are adept at repairing every component of your vehicle’s exhaust system. Our masterful exhaust system repair and diagnostics repair service will give you peace of mind knowing your vehicle is protected from exhaust issues in the future.

Dangers of an Exhaust System Failure

If you disregard the signs of exhaust failure, it can lead to catastrophic issues such as:
Sparks or extremely high temperatures can ignite fires.
Deadly gases such as Carbon monoxide can enter the cabin of your vehicle. Since CO is odorless and colorless, this can be highly dangerous for your safety.
If your vehicle has a dragging exhaust component, it can tear off completely and strike your rear wheels or other vehicles behind you.
Any exhaust components that are broken or torn off your vehicle and lying on the road can cause other vehicles to swerve and have an accident, puncture tires and also get caught up in the undercarriage of another vehicle to cause further destruction.

What Does Your Exhaust System Do for Your Vehicle

Located on the underside of your vehicle, the exhaust system is responsible for minimizing a multitude of operational hazards while your drive your car.

The primary purpose of a muffler is to decrease the volume of noise generated by the exhaust of an internal combustion engine. And your exhaust is required to remove harmful fumes and emissions generated by your vehicle. These two components together are what is referred to as the exhaust system of your vehicle.

Exhaust systems are vital for your safety since a defective exhaust system can cause potentially fatal gases, such as carbon monoxide, to leak into the cabin of your car. The catalytic converter, a key element of your exhaust system, helps convert dangerous gases to harmless ones that do much less damage to our environment. Lastly, your exhaust system is chiefly responsible for reducing the temperature of your car emissions, in turn securing other components of your vehicle from damage.


Signs that Signify Your Vehicle Needs a Repair Service

Exhaust systems are not always governed by your vehicle’s electronic alert system to notify you it needs servicing. Your car manual may not have adequate instructions on what to keep an eye on for your exhaust system to be running efficiently either. So Samsmith Performance Car Care Center has provided a few key symptoms to keep an eye out for so you know when to get your vehicle’s exhaust system inspected or repaired:


Visual Troubles

These issues are obvious to the naked eye, such as hanging exhaust pipes, increasing rust around your exhaust system or holes in your muffler, and they should be addressed right away.

Burning Odors or Fumes

Since your exhaust system is positioned to protect other vehicle components from extremely high temperatures, burning odors might be cause for alarm. A faulty gasket might be causing heat to escape into your vehicle, causing plastic components and even wiring to burn. If you start to smell something odd, don’t wait to see if smoke is emanating from your vehicle, as this may not occur. Call Samsmith Performance Car Care Center right away.

Reduced Fuel Efficiency or Acceleration

If your exhaust system is experiencing troubles, it can impact your engine’s performance as well. You may notice that your automobile does not accelerate as well or as quickly.

Excessively Noisy Engine

If your engine is making noises that are much louder than normal, it may be exhibiting signs of exhaust problems. You will likely notice this when you’re accelerating. There might be a crack or hole in your exhaust system.
Another type of odd noise to look out for is hissing or tapping noise when you start or accelerate your vehicle. This may indicate small leaks in your manifold gasket.
If you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms while driving around your vehicle, don’t ignore it. This could damage other essential parts of your vehicle and even put your life in danger. Call us at (404) 220-8335 immediately and book an appointment to get the issue looked at and fixed right away!

Knowledgeable Mechanics to Repair your Exhaust System

Samsmith Performance Car Care Center hosts knowledgeable mechanics that have extensive experience in inspecting, diagnosing and repairing the exhaust system of every type of vehicle on the road. If you have issues with any of the following parts of your exhaust, we can get it looked at and fixed in a jiffy:
Your exhaust system is particularly susceptible to wear and from the external environment. For expert inspections, diagnostics and repair service to your exhaust system, call Samsmith Performance Car Care Center at (404) 220-8335 and book your appointment.

Exhaust Repair in Fayetteville, Peachtree City and Hampton

The exhaust system in your vehicle helps monitor, filter and protect your engine. Ignore any complications having to do with your car’s exhaust system, has lead to many problems for our clients. In fact, ignoring issues when they arise will only turn minor and seemingly preventative maintenance glitches into something much bigger. Your once small problem will easily develop into an expensive and potentially hazardous one later on.

Exhaust System Warning Signs

You might not realize it, but your automobile will never go kaput for no reason at all. There is always an underlining factor that causes it to break down, malfunction or just stop working completely. When it comes to your exhaust system, the rules are no different. Luckily Samsmith Performance Car Care Center knows the ins and outs when it comes to keeping vehicles on the road.
Just take a look at the following signs and make yourself a checklist! Notice that, even if your car is only experiencing or displaying one of the following symptoms, it is an indication that something is wrong with your vehicle. Anytime a car makes strange noises, or isn’t working at its full potential, an inspection is required. By bringing it into a mechanic, such as ours, you’ll be getting hands on, detailed information concerning your car. Don’t take a chance on the road, exhaust systems can be pretty finicky and if you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, and it starts acting up, you could be in for a whole lot of unanticipated trouble. Let’s prevent those kinds of scenarios from happening on our roads! Check for these signs to indicate a problem with your vehicle’s exhaust system:

Louder noise than usual when you accelerate

If you have to turn up the radio to tune out your muffler, it’s time to visit an exhaust repair professional. Loud noises from the exhaust are possible signs of an engine leak and exposure to harmful fumes.


Poor fuel economy

Increased fuel consumption is always a sign that something is not right with your vehicle. Your engine must work harder when the exhaust malfunctions. When the engine works too hard have your exhaust system inspected before the problem gets worse.


Rattling noise

A persistent vibration coming from the steering wheel or gas pedal may be an indication of loose or broken muffler parts and should be promptly checked.


Burning smell

Fumes due to an exhaust leak can be hazardous. If you detect a problem, visit our auto repair center immediately and call us right away.

Exhaust Repair Specialists

The exhaust system in your vehicle works hard to direct fumes away from the engine to keep it running properly. If you experience any of the above signs, contact the qualified exhaust repair experts at Samsmith Performance Car Care Center for a thorough inspection. Our certified mechanics are equipped to handle any exhaust or muffler malfunction on any make or model of vehicle. Call us to schedule an appointment or with any questions you may have.


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