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Samsmith Performance Car Care Center Service Areas

Auto Glass

From the safety features embedded in every windshield to the assistance that side and rearview mirrors provide, it is fair to say that your car wouldn’t last very long without strong auto glass.

Auto Maintenance And Inspection

Regular maintenance and inspection of your vehicle will ensure that it will be of roadworthy condition for as many years as possible.

Auto Mechanic

When you need an auto mechanic, you should always rely on the best. Samsmith Performance Car Care Center is proud to offer auto mechanic services with a high track record of success and excellence. Our team of mechanics has specialized experience conducting all sorts of inspections, repairs, and maintenance work for various vehicles, particularly Mercedes-AMG and Sprinters, Porsche, and Audi.

Auto Repair

Timely and durable vehicle repairs are essential to keeping you safe while behind the wheel. For the many years that Samsmith Performance Car Care Center has been in business, we’ve been delivering trustworthy auto repair services. Our skilled technicians take the time to conduct a thorough diagnostic and create an appropriate service plan, so you’re equipped with a road-ready vehicle in no time.

Brake Services

Have your brakes checked regularly by the premier mechanic service. Call today for our great offers and flexible payment plan options.

Car Repair

You rely on your car to get you from point A to point B, which is why it's vital that it receives the care of a professional and skilled mechanic. When you trust the mechanics at Samsmith Performance Car Care Center to see your car through its repairs, you’ll reap the benefits of our premium service. Our licensed mechanics provide a wide range of car services, from engine and transmission to battery and electrical repairs. We’re a boutique shop specializing in Mercedes-AMG and Sprinters, Porsche, and Audi, meeting all your exotic car needs.

Collision Repair

Much like the internal trauma and emotional anguish that often accompanies a tragic event, a car or truck will not always exhibit the signs of disrepair on the outside. That does not mean that the damage doesn’t exist...

Cooling System Repair

Your cooling system plays an essential role in your vehicle's operating system. It removes excess heat from the engine, maintaining its optimal operating temperature. Without a working cooling system, your engine will quickly overheat and seize up, resulting in a breakdown.

Differential Repair

The differential is a very important part of your car and without it your car will not be able to function to its optimal level. Don’t cut corners with something as important as this.

Engine Repair

Don’t wait until the “check engine” light burns itself out before you get the necessary auto engine repair and maintenance your vehicle needs.

Exhaust Repair

Unlike say a faulty suspension issue or a tire whose tread depth has worn too thin, if you have an issue with your exhaust pipe then sooner or later you are going to be aware of the fact by the noise that will emanate from the rear of your vehicle!

Garage Mechanic

With a reputation for mechanic excellence you won’t go wrong with us. Don’t take chances with inferior garages.

Oil Change

The skill and expertise of our mechanics means that undertaking an oil change is a straightforward process irrespective of the type of vehicle that you are driving.

Radiator Repair

If your find that your engine is over-heating more regularly than it used to then you best check the radiator. Chances are if your engine is too hot then your vehicle’s radiator needs repairing.

Tire Rotation

Regular tire rotation will not only make your tires more safe on the road, but it will also drastically reduce side to side and front to rear thread depth issues.

Tire Service

Our team of highly knowledgeable and dedicated tire specialists knows all there is to know about tread depth, winter tires and the early signs of wear and tear.

Transmission Repair

It is vitally important that any garage has the skilled technicians able to complete transmission repairs on all types of vehicles quickly and effectively. So whether you drive a motorbike, car, truck, 4X4, van or SUV we will be able to help.